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George Satterfield had a knack for innovative sales approaches. He carried transistor tubes and batteries before he discovered a product he would go on to sell of the rest of his life.

In 1965, George and Edith Satterfield decided to go in to wholesale jewelry sales, named after their preschool daughter, Robyn. He was able to convince stores to carry self-contained displays of costume jewelry - birthstone rings and earrings - even mood rings and pet rocks!

Disaster leads to a new direction

In 1977, tragedy struck after an accident that left George burned over three-quarters of his body and a 10% chance of survival. With the help of his church, his most loyalty employees, and God's grace, this adversity resulted in the formation of a retail store that became known as Jewelry Warehouse.

As Providence and luck would have it, the public's taste had recently begun to prefer higher-end jewelry, including 14K gold. The sales helped the company avoid closing its doors, offering retail merchandise at wholesale prices.

This new store included fine jewelry alongside bug zappers, deely boppers, and sports merchandise. It truly was a Jewelry Warehouse! Customers found the 'Warehouse' a unique location to find both selection and great prices. Additional locations opened in the Columbia, SC area as well as Greenville, SC. Little smiley-face ads began appearing everywhere.

During this time the business was able to capitalize on the sports passion of South Carolina Gamecock fans and the national championship season of the 1981 Clemson Tigers football program. Free 'beat' stickers have become a game day tradition.

A new look, a new generation

Time and tastes change. Jewelry Warehouse has, too. Deciding to focus on serving local shoppers, the store also began providing separate areas for what it did best, all under one roof:

Jewelry Warehouse Inc for fine jewelry and accessories, Garnet and Black Traditions for Gamecock merchandise, Tiger Paw Traditions for Clemson products and Palmetto Traditions for items showing pride in our state.

Quality, selection, and value were still hallmarks of each of these spaces while still under the Jewelry Warehouse banner. But it began to look less and less like that first Warehouse store.

Founder George Satterfield succumbed to cancer in 2005 and was succeeded by his son Scott.

A new generation of customer had also arrived, one which did not know the story behind the name or the family history that founded it. It became a store, not a heritage.

For new employees, a key part of the training process is learning the Jewelry Warehouse legacy. Each views the videos above to understand the hard work, perseverance, and teamwork that created Jewelry Warehouse.

But - what about our customers?

With the store celebrating its 50th anniversary, we believed the time was right to let the Jewelry Warehouse grow into Satterfield's Jewelry Warehouse.

Our principles haven't changed. It is because of our commitment to standards of quality, selection, value, and service that we proudly attach the family name to the store.

You will notice small changes to our packaging and logo, but not what's inside the package.

Satterfield's Jewelry Warehouse - honoring George and Edith's legacy and staying true to their vision and our heritage

In July of 2013 Cancer once again struck the family but this time it was Scott’s wife that fought the battle. In October of 2016 Janice passed away but the time fighting the illness greatly affected the finances of Satterfield’s Jewelry Warehouse. In May of 2019 the store was foreclosed and a new chapter was about to launch.

November 29, 2019 Traditions Fine Jewelers was launched after the Jewelry Warehouse assets were purchased. The new Owner, John McNeill knew the Satterfield’s for some time, and he was always impressed with the traffic and the loyal following of its customers.

John McNeill hired Scott as a Consultant as he wanted the store to have the look and feel of the previous store, but the Satterfield’s no longer had any ownership.

Adjacent to Traditions Fine Jewelers is a Gamecock Tradition as well as a Tiger Tradition. This is similar to the store before but the selection will be far more than previously carried.

Traditions Fine Jewelers has carried on many of the old policies of the Jewelry Warehouse but has expanded and enhanced many new ones as well, making it feel familiar but making it better in many ways.

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